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Specter Vision Solutions has expertise in all aspects of machine vision from concept to installation.  Our capabilities range from single smart-camera applications to custom multi-camera vision server applications.

Our vision design capabilities include:

  • Smart Camera Programming on various platforms (Cognex, Matrox, Microscan, Keyence, SICK, NI and others)
  • Machine Vision Lighting and Optics design
  • High-performance multi-camera applicationbanner
  • Custom Software and HMI development
  • Traditional PC-based vision systems
  • Grayscale and colour image processing and analysis
  • Thermal and Infrared Imagers, Multi-Spectral Cameras
  • Experience with 3D laser profile, stereo camera and time of flight
  • Custom algorithm development (C++ / Matlab)

System Design

The design decisions made during the planning stages of any vision project are critical.  Our diverse experience and product knowledge can guide the design and project management process.

Factory Testing

It is much easier to test and troubleshoot vision systems in a controlled environment prior to installation.  We can design the factory testing setup and work together to define a systems acceptance test criteria.

Smart Camera Programming

We are familiar with industry standard smart cameras. We can develop smart camera applications and create user-friendly operator interfaces.  We have working experience with Cognex, Matrox, Microscan, Keyence, SICK, NI and others.

PC-Based Vision Software Development

Some vision applications are better suited to a traditional PC based architecture, particularly higher volume systems.  We have comprehensive software development with traditional and modern languages (C/C++, .NET C#, Python, SQL) experience and are familiar with common vision libraries.  We can also develop the supporting software that may be needed for the application.